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September 4, 2020

Waking up bright and early on a crisp Saturday morning. Finally the excitement of the weekend, you grab your morning cup of joe and head to the garage. Gracefully taking the covers off your vintage BMW, detailing her up and getting her ready for the annual So Cal Vintage BMW.

You can’t beat the look of an early 70’s BMW in pristine condition in the 20th century. It’s like a beautiful time capsule...The smell of that vintage leather never gets old. You grab your keys, left hand on the wheel and you start her up. It’s almost surreal. Everything goes quiet and all you hear is the robust sound of the engine, fired up and begging to drive.

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It’s now 5am, the car is running strong and healthy taking in all that beautiful morning weather in Woodley Park, Van Nuys. Home of the famous So Cal Vintage BMW. This annual meet has been one of the mecca’s for any BMW enthusiast. From the purists to the tuners, you will find them all here. E28’s, E30’s and a handful of 2002’s. It’s a beautiful sight. This meet has been going on for 12 years! Talk about heritage. It’s definitely a “Looked forward to” type of event. 

Every year the meet grows, as you may have noticed the automotive scene is a very strong part of our culture. Especially BMW’s. And quite specifically, the E30 platform. The hard lines and the sporty drive, you can’t beat it. It’s definitely not the fastest of them all but it sure is one hell of a drive. The feeling you get cruising in an E30 convertible is priceless. So much fresh air and the thrill of shifting through the gears. I can see why they say it’s the “Ultimate Driving Machine”...If that’s not your cup of tea, then maybe the M3 will do its justice? That right there is pure joy!

We can talk all day about E30’s so let's get back to the show. Throughout the years we have been part of the meet. From designing the merch to printing, we have been blessed with the opportunity to show our love for vintage BMW’s and our printing skills. Last year was our first time having a booth. Throughout the times we’ve attended we have spectated, built connections and enjoyed the show. This time around it was nice to set up and become a spot to check out. We brought out some BMW gear, decals and nice accessories for all the enthusiasts.

banner socal vintage bmw

With a few BMW’s under our plate we hope to bring them out to the next show. Till then, enjoy the drive and drive safe. If you’re looking to restore or deck out your BMW, let us know. We have many experiences in recreating hard to find decals or vinyl work that can be found on some of these rare cars. Looking to wrap some pieces? We can help with that too...but stay tuned for our latest E30 projects. We are excited to see it on the streets. 

Make sure to check us out and follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook: @decalspec. Peace out!

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