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Decal Spec Staff

February 8, 2021

Pop ‘N Tea Bar, “Home of the Diamond Bars”...What exactly is a Diamond Bar, you ask? Imagine 3D printing, futuristic and geometric shapes paired with the best gelato and sorbetto you can ask. Yes, mix that all together and you have the “Diamond Bars”. They are quite a unique treat. Not only do they look cool, they taste just as great. Using all natural ingredients, you will enjoy the rich flavors and creaminess of gelato in something that looks like it belongs in an art gallery.

popntea diamond bars strawberry

Now that we have your attention, let’s dive into one of our long time clients. Pop ‘N Tea Bar is located in the sunny valley of Phoenix, Arizona. The owners, originally SoCal natives, migrated over to Phoenix to start their new venture in 2017. Why Phoenix? At the time of building their establishment there weren't many Asian cultured places to eat. Mostly the usual steak houses, burgers and brews. Bringing boba and their culture of OC/LA was a great way to bring diversity into the growing city.

At Decal Spec we do a lot more than decals and printing shirts. We always love to help businesses grow. From store design materials, merchandising and packaging we are here for the ride. At Pop ‘N Tea Bar, they are known for their modern and clean approach. Definitely more than boba and desserts here. From seasonal merch to art galleries they do their best to incorporate all of their lifestyles into the brand. Wall vinyl for the lobby displays, window vinyl for the store fronts, business cards, stamp cards, DTG printing for their merch...the list goes on......

We really believe in our motto, “Print your mind”. From Pop ‘N Tea Bar alone you can see the endless possibilities of our design team and services. We love to see it come from an idea to seeing people enjoy the work we do. We hope to work with you and your ideas soon!

Take a visit:

Pop 'N Tea Bar

550 W McDowell Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85003

Instagram, Twitter and Facebook: @popntea

Make sure to check us out and follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook: @decalspec. Peace out!

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popntea diamond bars restaurant
The simplicity of the design from the merch that we printed flows right into the overall store vibe.
popntea diamond bars restaurant front
To the left we printed a huge wall vinyl displaying the logo and the name on the matte black shiplap.
popntea diamond bars restaurant today was a good day sign
On the shelves you can see more of the merch we printed with Pop 'N Tea Bar.
popntea diamond bars hat decal spec
popntea diamond bars apparel shit decal spec
popntea diamond bars apparel shit decal spec model
popntea diamond bars sticker decal spec
popntea diamond bars business card decal spec
popntea diamond bars restaurant storefront
popntea diamond bars boba tea


Open for Takeout!

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