Apparel services are catered towards our business clients as well as families that might only need one shirt for a daughter's 1st birthday. Recommended garments can be purchased through us.

Screen Printing

Minimum of 75 piece orders, and best process used for designs with less than 10 colors. Ink lays on top of the garment and lasts great through washes.

Heat Transfer Vinyl

No minimum order quantity, and best used for designs that are one to two colors (full color prints also available). Heat transfer vinyl is placed on top of garments and lasts great through washes. Garments can be a variety of material.

Direct to Garment

No minimum order quantity, and best used for full color designs. Garments must be of a high cotton count and will be pretreated so that the ink gets infused into the fibers of the shirt. Print will fade over time with washes, depending on the wash cycle.


Minimum of 12 pieces for each embroidery order. Flat embroidery or 3D/Puff embroidery available upon request and dependent on design. Digitizing services available. Great for hats, work uniforms, jackets, etc.