Decal Spec Staff

August 19, 2020

Welcome back! If you read our last blog on the CATUNED 2002, we are back with another CATUNED feature, the “Mint E30”. This beautiful build was definitely a sight to see! I’d like to say it’s a bit more modern than a lot of the typical E30’s we’ve seen in the past. Starting things off, this 4-door has a full carbon kit and a beefy M3 motor. Keeping it on the street/track style it boasts a full cage dipped in a color matched mint green.

Instead of the usual 16/17” wheels they went with a stylish set of 18” Rotiforms to really bring out the wheel wells. They were nice and wide on a set of sticky Toyo tires. Keeping things bold they switched up the round headlights to the controversial square sets. What do you think of that? We think it actually flows quite well with this one!

There’s just something about mint green that can either go very well or look very bad. In our case, the carbon fiber contrast really brought out the body lines of the bright minty green. Since that was already a bold look we decided to keep the decals more minimalistic. Just adding a few decals on the doors and front fenders gave it enough contrast to keep our emphasis on the mint green.

The E30 was indeed a neck breaker, even within the popular and crowded Toyo Tires tent at SEMA. Looking at the car from an exhibitor standpoint you really dream to drive this on the streets. It was mean, clean, and by the looks of it very fun to drive! We have a few E30’s here at the shop but nothing quite like this. Would you drive this? If so, where?!

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Scion FR-S Itasha Wrap Installation

Decal Spec Staff
September 22, 2020

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: when it comes to our motto, “Print Your Mind”, we mean it. If you can think it, we can print it — and it’s precisely that attitude that lands us cool jobs like this Scion FR-S "Itasha style" wrap!


So Cal Vintage BMW

Decal Spec Staff
September 4, 2020

Car culture, vintage BMW's in beautiful Southern California. For 12 years straight the So Cal Vintage BMW show has been a go-to meet for any automotive enthusiast wanting to see any vintage BMW's 25 years and older. A definite sight to see! Quality built cars everywhere!


CATUNED BMW 2002 at SEMA 2016

Decal Spec Staff
August 5, 2020

SEMA 2016 with CATUNED and their unique BMW 2002. If you love anything automotive related, then you know SEMA. Take a trip with us as we designed, printed and installed our vinyl for the CATUNED show cars in Las Vegas!

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